Rehm, J., Kuntsche, E., Kraus, L., Wolstein, J.

Effectiveness of a brief intervention with and without booster session for adolescents hospitalized due to alcohol intoxication


Journal of Substance Use

Background: The Hart-am-LimiT (HaLT) project is a brief intervention program for adolescents hospitalized due to alcohol intoxication in Germany.

Objective: To test whether a booster session has an impact on participants' drinking behavior compared with the standard HaLT program.Methods: On the morning after their admission due to alcohol intoxication, 411 adolescents in the Federal State of Bavaria were interviewed between October 2008 and January 2010 and socio-demographic data and information on previous drinking behavior were recorded (t1). Eleven to 25 months (M = 16.4) after their hospital treatment, 106 adolescents completed an online questionnaire (t2).Results: Subgroup analysis (ANOVA with repeated measurements) indicated that adolescents who took part in the booster session did not increase episodic heavy drinking (EHD; t1: M = 1.68 EHD d; t2: 1.59 EHD d) in contrast to the non-participating group (t1: M = 1.08 d EHD; t2: 2.66 d EHD; F = 4.383, p = 0.039).Conclusion: Considering the study's limitations (e.g. no randomization, low response rate, etc.), the results indicate a positive effect of a booster session following a brief intervention for adolescents who have been treated in hospital due to alcohol intoxication. Adolescents should therefore be motivated and encouraged to participate in booster sessions.


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