The IFT outpatient treatment centre provides cognitive behavioural therapy for patients of all ages with all mental disorders. The treatment is carried out under qualified supervision by graduated psychologists who have almost completed their education to become state-approved psychological psychotherapists.

The treatment costs will be covered, upon application and approval, by the statutory and private health insurers.

The IFT outpatient treatment centre provides comprehensive diagnostic and psychotherapeutic assistance for people of all ages with

  • mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, eating disorders, sleep disorders and sexual dysfunction.
  • Substance use disorders (tobacco, alcohol, medicines, drugs), non-substance use disorders (e.g. internet addiction, shopping addiction)
  • pathological gambling
  • mental problems related to physical diseases (e.g. cancers)
  • mental illnesses due to unusual serious professional or family-related stress.

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