IFT Institut für Therapieforschung (Therapy research)

The IFT is an independent research institute in the area of substance use and related disorders. Central topics are alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, pharmaceuticals and gambling. The Institute looks at basic as well as applied issues on etiology, epidemiology, prevention, therapy and healthcare research. The research activities are financed from public funds, including official bodies of the federal government, state governments, associations/alliances, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction as well as from other European bodies.

In addition to scientific lectures and publications, the IFT also offers scientists and practitioners various avenues to learn about the findings of our work. Publications - as far as is permitted under publishing law - posters and lectures by employees are made available free of charge on the website. There is online access to the findings of existing epidemiological monitoring systems going back over many years: on the use of psychoactive substances and the negative consequences (see also www.esa.de), on the treatment of persons with substance  use disorders (see also www.suchthilfestatisik.de) and on the extent of pathological gambling on gaming machines and on the treatment of these disorders (see also www.lsgbayern.de). There are detailed descriptions of the current and concluded projects as well as links to publications based on those projects. Finally, the IFT also presents information on the website regarding the current findings and significant events from the area of epidemiology, prevention, healthcare and research.

IFT-Gesundheitsförderung (Health promotion)

The transfer of scientific findings to practice (training as psychological psychotherapist, further training and education for employees in the healthcare system, prevention programmes for smoking cessation, dealing with stress and weight loss, advising companies in the area of health promotion) is undertaken by IFT Gesundheitsförderung, which works closely together with the IFT Institut für Therapieforschung.


Basic as well as applied issues on etiology, epidemiology, prevention, therapy and healthcare research


Health promotion

IFT - Health Promotion
Training as psychological psychotherapist and cognitive behavioural psychotherapy for patients from the entire area of mental illness


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